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I've noticed my current foster itching a lot (really all during the past month I've had him.) We're going to the vet tomorrow but I just want to get some ideas of possible causes I can mention to them. Anyone with experience, please throw out some ideas!

Basic Info:

-Lab/Golden mix, 1 yr old. Foster for one of the Guide dog organizations so has always had regular vet care, ect. Just got transferred to my home from another trainer due to a change in her family (nothing to do with the dog)

-On frontline and I've been checking him relentlessly for any parasites and I havent seen any

-Has been on Iams (the regular green bag and yellow puppy bag) and I recently within the last week switched him to purina one beyond (The organization only uses PO or Iams unless the vet confirms a food related allergy so at this time I'm not able to switch his food to anything else)

rash is small, tick sized (couldnt think of anything else to compare it to) red bumps. no hair loss, but in the pictures below I did groom down his hair to get a better look at it. I thought hot spots initially, but theres no crusting or oozing. these have been taken at various times over the past three days.

Location: if he was lying on his back and i placed my hands on the inside of his thighs, on either side of his pen-s, is where it seems to be the worst. also some under armpits which made me initially think hotspots.

pictures below, click on the links if they dont come up in this message for some reason

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