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Sudden Acute Retinal Degeneration Syndrome.....i just found out that one of my babies (well, TirCeo's babies), Greta (Kilt's sister) is suddenly and forever blind from this.....her owner said there was just a bit of "slowness" going downstairs last night and not the same "exuberance" to go out this morning to potty but otherwise seemed ok....came home from work and she can't see anything (not sure about shadow/light differences, we'll find out more tomorrow)

she's 2 yrs old and now things are forever different for her

Greta is the one from the last litter that looks just like Mama TirCeo.....i'll post some pics tomorrow...hafta go to work now.....
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It's real sad and unfortunate no doubt, but it's not the end of the world. She's still young and will learn to adapt and live with it. Dogs are great like that.
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