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Sandbox to stop digging.... Does it work?

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My dog is a digger. We just installed an underground fence so he could spend more time outside unsupervised... Well that isn't working out because when he is unsupervised he digs holes. My husband is OCD about the grass and he is fed up. Now I play with my dog a lot and I walk him twice a day. He gets tons of attention so it isn't like he is doing it because he gets ignored. I think he just loves to dig.

I've heard people make their dog a sand box, or a designated place to dig.... does this really work? And how do you teach your dog it is okay to dig there? I'm afraid if i let him dig in the sandbox then he'll think it is okay to dig anywhere...

Any ideas?
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1. No dog should ever ever ever be left outside unsupervised with an underground fence. Many dogs will take the shock and run off if the distraction is strong or tempting enough. And even if that never happens, your dog is totally vulnerable to attack by a stray dog, coyote, human, etc. He could also be easily stolen.

2. Yes, sandboxes do work but they are not a magical cure. You do have to spend the time training the dog to use the sandbox. You have to supervise closely at first so that you can correct him the instant he starts digging elsewhere and redirect him to his sandbox. You also must make sure to rotate the toys/treats you bury so it doesn't become boring for the dog.
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