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Sandbox for digger?

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My question is whether or not getting a sandbox would help a digging situation. Gracie, our 10 month old pup has been digging in our backyard. I know she's just bored and/or just has fun digging. And maybe she's in search of something, she's been digging up our tree's roots and gnawing them, poor tree. The problem is my husband gets soo angry at the digging. I'm really not sure why, our backyard is really just one big dirt playground for a dog. Let's just say he has issues with dogs and leave it at that.
In the interests of keeping peace though, would filling say, a baby pool (which we already have) with sand and maybe some toys, etc. Hidden in it help at all?
Or should I just go on doing as I have been and not letting my husband in the backyard until I fill all the holes?
Oh, and to be fair to Gracie, I thought it was just her digging 'til I spotted our older dog Rosie gleefully joining in one day...
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Some dogs do dig because they are bored, and it that case you should probably consider increasing the amount of exercise they get. Also, they probably should not be left unsupervised in the yard until this issue is under control. The more they dig, they more they self-reward and the habit becomes harder to break.

And some dogs, like terriers, just dig because digging is in their blood. In that case, yes, I think a sandbox might be a good plan. You will have to train them that the sandbox is the only acceptable place to dig, however, by supervising them so they can't dig anywhere else and praising and rewarding for digging in the correct spot.
I have one for my pup! She loves it!

We have a kiddie pool filled with dirt. She goes absolutely crazy playing in it
Thanks for the replies! Sorry it took so long to get back, we've been on vacation. Funnily enough, Gracie stated with my brother and his family and didn't dig at all! She waited until she got home the little scamp.
Lillith, I do think more exercise will be the key. She is much better behaved in the days we've had long and/or walks in new places.
Shema Shepherd thanks, it's good to know the sandbox works for your pup! Your little girl actually looks very similar to our Gracie, those ears! Except that Grace is black and tan. Does she jump like a gazelle? Gracie will jump right over Rosie with seemingly no effort. She's really fun to watch.
Oh and we are definitely going to try the sandbox.
I think I asked a similar question here (maybe) before and some (or most) people recommended against it due to the mess.

In my experience I did not give my dog a sandbox. So far it was one of the best decisions I had for my dog. She's 2 years old now and she only digs in her pvc travel crates (always open) and my bed for a few seconds on occasion. She's a pom so I guess the bed covers are always undamaged. She also doesn't dig during sniff time on walks. She did before but I usually stopped it because I was afraid that she might learn that digging is better if she can break it with her paws.
Hmm, thank you for that Concerned. I will keep it in mind. I was going to wait until spring before setting one up in order to avoid a muddy mess! Also I kind of wonder if the neighbors cats won't find the box, ew. Maybe Gracie will grow out of this (mostly, at least) she is only 10 months old.
I think I asked a similar question here (maybe) before and some (or most) people recommended against it due to the mess.
I recall someone else asking about a sandbox, but it was for INSIDE. I don't know if that was you or not, but yeah - a sandbox inside would be a huge mess.

For those who have done sandboxes outside - how do you keep the sand in the box? I can just picture my dogs digging quite enthusiastically and digging all the sand right out of the box.

Also I kind of wonder if the neighbors cats won't find the box, ew.
It's very possible - you may have to keep it covered when not in use.
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