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Today my 95lb German Shepherd are some snow with rock salt in it. Of course after googling, I freaked out. It’s a snow storm and a Sunday so I can’t even get to a vet if I needed to. At first she was trembling but I assume it’s from the cold ( this happens every winter). But after eating the snow.. literally 10 min after, she came in with her head down and tail between her legs. I knew something was up. She seemed off. So after she stopped shaking and dried off I kept an eye on her and she seemed to perk back up. I decided to take her back out to how she’d react energy wise. She was pepped up and excited so as we walked she finally went to go potty and she shot diarrhea out like a hose on full blast. Which I’ve never seen. So clearly now I’m really freaking out. But after that, her mood went back to normal. She’s drinking normal and I gave her food with some rice for her tummy. My question is, should I be afraid of salt toxicity?? She seems sooo much better than she was when I had her out the first time. She didn’t vomit or anything either. She’s not excessively drinking and she’s not any more lethargic than normal. She gets trembly in the cold usually but of course after I googled the possibility of her ingesting some salt I freaked out. I think she’s okay now but has anyone else had a dog that ingested some rock salt? It couldn’t have been much either, we weren’t even outside that long. Any advice would be so helpful. Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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