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Hello everyone!

As I get aquainted with my newest furkid I begin to realise just how much exercise the little hellion is going to need. This is by no means a problem, but I have been brainstorming fun ways of doing so. I've always enjoyed biking and rollerblading, so I figure this might be a good way to at least tire her out enough that she won't get bored/destructive/etc. when I'm unable to be with her. I know that it will be several months until her bones have developed enough for us to do this together, but I'd like to know how to keep us both safe long before we actually start these activities.

The main reason I think biking and rollerblading would be best is because of some physical limitations of my own. I shattered my kneecap when I was 13 (and rollerblading without any protection, of course). The wound healed surprisingly well, but if I try to jog on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt the knee gets inflamed rather quickly. On the weekends I can take her out to the woods to hike, but during the week I'm forced to stick to activities less traumatic to injured joints and/or very long walks. What I need to know is how to get Ursala involved in these athletic exploits and keep us both safe in the process. For rollerblading I assume it just comes down to having solid vocal control (which I will) and good reflexes. Biking seems a bit more complicated though. Are there any leash attachments, collars or harnesses made especially for biking with a dog?

That information along with any other safety tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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