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Safe place to play?

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Why yes, I am quite thread-starting happy as of late :D

Anyway, there's a very nice grassy field about 2 minutes away from my house, that would be a perfect place for a dog to run around/play ball/play fetch in. I remember my friend and I used to take his Husky x German shepherd mix there all the time when he lived in the neighborhood. I was thinking that I could take my pup (when he comes home) there, because it's a wide open space and only a few dogs and their owners.

However, I noticed that overhead there are a lot of telephone/electric wires, and when I walk through the field, I always have a static, buzzing sound in my ear. I have also read in several articles about dogs being killed suddenly by stray electricity.

Am I worrying too much, as I have yet to hear of a dog getting hurt there, or is that just a plain old dangerous place to play for any dog? Thanks!
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Hmmm....wow....I've heard stories of people LIVING under power lines getting cancer or other health problems, but I don't know if just walking/playing there would be dangerous. If you called the electric company, do you think they'd be helpful on the subject?
You say there are other dog owners who play in the field. Could you ask them? Though I doubt they'll tell you its unsafe, especially if they let their own dogs play there.

I agree with Willowy, the power company could be helpful in letting you know if its safe. I don't think they'd be compelled to lie, one way or another, as there is already an obvious risk with electrical equipment and I doubt that they care if you use the field or not.

I mean, I live in the city, so we have power lines all over.. are you talking more about those big tower-ish things? Like this? http://www.readthehook.com/images/issues/2008/0704/news-sabotage.jpg (those things scare me when I'm other parts of the country!)
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