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Hi All!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
2 yrs ago today, about this time too, my DH got me the best Valentine's Day present.. my Sadie!!:party: (He asked what I wanted this year, and I told him the no matter what he got me, it could not top 2 yrs ago) She was so small then.. look at her now! boy~ did she grow up into a beautiful dog. Spoiled out of her mind, making us crazy, chasing the cat, barking at the dogs on TV and outside, beating herself with a knotted up rope, (gotta get a video of that-- lol)being her own dog, all the time being the best dog she can be.
Was going to take her to the park tco celebrate some, but this rain canceled that. (stupid rain)
She will get a treat later on tho.

Hope your Valentine's Day is going good for all of you. :)
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