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I gave little Ruthless her first marrow bone today, I think that she loved it! She took her time with it but scraped the bone clean. I was so pleased with her. I held onto it for a while while she went at it. I wanted to make sure she knew that I could be near her and her food without being a threat. Anyways, after I was over holding the gross bone I got some pictures!

Also! Karma Collars is having a Facebook contest and the winner gets a collar of their choice. I'd really love to get Ruthie a nice leather collar but unless I win one it will be quite a while before I can afford it. Dreizehn is entered too but he has a ton of nice collars already. You'll have to "like" the Karma Collars FB page to be able to vote... but could you vote for my pups? Or... at least Ruthie. I hear that they make GREAT collars, for anybody who is looking for a new company to check out!

Here are the links for both of their pages...
** Ruthie - Katie in Karma Collars: Lucky Dog Photo Contest from Karma Collars **
Dreizehn - Katie in Karma Collars: Lucky Dog Photo Contest from Karma Collars

Go on, vote for her... or you'll turn this adorable face into a much sadder one... who would want that?!
If anybody else is entered in the contest let me know and I'll vote for you!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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