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Ruby's new hobby!! (short video)

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LOL, she started this a few weeks ago but I always forgot to bring my video camera. Tonight I remembered. You will see from this that she is now starting to take commands from my 6 yr old, not greatly but then again neither of them are very foccused. She can do this drill for 20 mins solid, up and down, up and down. Our next trick is to try and teach her to jump thru hula hoops, and probably I will put her into some agilty training, if I can find a kit cheap enough and can teach her on my own. This is such a great way to end our evenings for all of us, she sleeps better and longer, and its fun to watch her do this for as long as she does it.

So have alooksee and see what my girl does for fun lol. she does it on ours here at home but she needs help getting up ours so it becomes a drag to lift her up for as long as she likes it.


She is doing much better with training and it has been a week since she has run away last. Mind you when she is out in our yard we keep the long leash on and if she goes to run I just step on it to stop her. Its been 2 days and I haven't had to step on it once.
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