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RRRRRRots Photos

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recent photos...

a couple of older pictures...

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Yahoo! I love Rottie pictures. What a wonderful family picture. Tell us more about each one. They are all rescues right? I would love to hear more about each of them. :)
Well God Bless you for saving all of those beautiful babies. I wish there were a lot more like you in this world. I am happy to say that the number of Rotties in this area has gone down a lot in the past few years. Sadly, the number of another misunderstood breed is climbing without an end in sight. :(
Our local shelter took on a Operations manager that "Felt comfortable" putting all the Rotties to sleep for the last few years. I guess that is part of the reason for the depletion in numbers as well.
I am so glad that you have found this forum. I love seeing all the Rottie pictures myself and I think having more "friendly Rottie" pictures viewed by all is a good thing.
Not many people are willing to adopt an adult Rottweiler or any of the pitbull type dogs. It's a shame. They're not always easy adoptions, but I've only given up on one in all these years. A fearful female that just would not bond with a human.
Too true and yet we had a pretty good placement rate before the management changes. I believe in giving all dogs an equal chance. IF they cannot be placed then a difficult decision needs to be made. My very favorite ever dog was an adult Rottie that I failed my foster on and kept. ;) she was only 48 pounds when I got her and she ended up well over a hundred. She had also been shot with a pellet gun and had some issues. She ended up being a wonderful Therapy dog. How do they manage to forgive such abuses? We should be so good.
I am a foster mom failure. I won't even try ever again. All 3 of my last fosters stayed forever. I still have the last one. I am not too proud to admit it. I have bonding issues. lol

At any rate, your fur family is lovely and I look forward to hearing much more about them.
Yup! I am a Rottie person through and through. For over 30 years now. :) I keep threatening to downsize to a Doberman on my next dog but we shall see.

Oliver is my current rescue boy. He is the worst bred Rottie I have owned but such a sweet boy.

and Carsten is my first ever dog from a breeder.

He is sweet too.
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1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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