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Roxxy's the only one with any sense!

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It is 95 (w/a heat index of +5) and Butch and Mort are laying outside! How crazy is that? :confused:

Keeping an eye on the homestead...

Mortimer crashing...look at all his hair!

Roxxy stayed inside so I don't have any pictures of her. Guess this proves that females have more sense than males. :rolleyes:
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Reacher...which one do you go to? I go to the one on Westpark/610. I was there at 9:15 and it was already too hot!
There's a doggie door...he was just being Butch...I've seen him in the sun before. But he DOES have enough sense to come in when he gets too hot.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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