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Roxxy had her dental appt yesterday, so when I took her out to the car and not Butch, he was soooo upset. He was standing in the front window, as close to the glass as he could get, looking pitiful.

When I picked Roxxy up, she was glad to see me but by the time we got home, she would have nothing to do with me. I found out later the morphine can alter behavior, including vocalization. She was very vocal on the way home...way more than usual. No kisses AT ALL.

She would lay at the foot of the bed, but if I went to pet her, she got off the bed. Later, she stayed on the bed but did a very quiet growl...which I fussed at her about but not to much. Got maybe one kiss. She slept beside me all night but wasn't very close. Butch on the other hand was just glad to have me home and kissed me non-stop!

But her teeth are clean, her nails were cut very short...finally...and she's chipped.
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