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Hi!- New owner (she is 5 months, Yorkie-chi mutt ("a pure bred black dog"))- wondering what routines you have for your dog?

Puppy is stressed with teething, an allergy and a flippy tummy right now - she's hiding food and growling and barking at me and at dogs we meet on the street (which I take to be stress and a breakdown in 'who's the leader' because I've been kind of freaking out over her whining and discomfort (probably babying her a bit much)

I think she needs more routine- can you comment on your routines? Especially any NILIF routines-

Or just general comments-


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On a day when at least one of us is home:

0800 - Wake up, DH gets ready and take the dogs out for a morning jog/potty break. They must sit and wait while I remove the gate or open the door and must remain seated until I release them, even with the door wide open. Any barking at dogs/people results in us going the opposite direction. They must also sit quietly to be leashed and then sit and wait while we open the door and then release them to go through. Any leash pulling on the walk results in us stopping and standing still until the dogs stop pulling, and then we proceed.
0900 - 1200 Lounge around the house, 1-2 training sessions
1200 - In the bathroom so Fluff can stretch his wings and we can eat in peace
1300 - Out of the bathroom. Again they must sit and wait while I remove the gate or open the door and must remain seated until I release them, even with the door wide open
1300 -1700 - More lounging. 1-2 training sessions.
1700 - Jog/Run/Potty break - same routine as morning walk
1800 - Dinner. They must sit and wait for dinner to be placed on floor and then be released to eat.
2200- Bed time. They go in the bathroom to sleep.

I purposely scatter short 5-15 minute training sessions throughout the day as I don't want them to start bugging me for treats.

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Jubel's schedule is more set around when I get home from work than set times but a pretty static routine.

Weekday with my at work
6:45am wake up, out in the backyard to potty while I grab his breakfast. Let him back in and he sits as I put his bowl down, I'll give him a random command (high five, touch, bark, stay while I go and fill water bowl, etc) then release him to eat. I get some lunch together and I'm out the door around 7:00am

My brother will get home from work anywhere between 6am and 11am, sometime before he goes to bed Jubel gets a 30-45 minute walk, likely some play and snuggle time in there too, maybe a short training session. He'll spend most of the day in bed sleeping with my brother.

5:00pm +/- 30 minutes I get home from work and it's time for another 30-45 minute walk very shortly after I arrive.

After our walk we'll play fetch/wrestle/tug and/or train for a bit, if Jubel is winded I have him rest for a short bit then it's dinner time. Dinner is fed from a food dispensing toy, same rules as in the morning. Sit nicely and obey a command before released on the toy.

The rest of the evening is usually spent lounging around with a potty break about an hour after dinner and another at 11:00pm just before bed.

Once or twice a week Jubel goes to daycare and on those days he leaves with me around 7am and I'll get home with him from daycare around 5:45pm +/- 40 minutes (gotta love DC traffic).

Dinner will come soon after we get home, I'll leave him alone upstairs and he'll head off to climb in a bed shortly after. If I let him down in the basement with me after a day at daycare he's still jazzed up sometimes not realizing how tired he is and will be a pest. Not given the chance he goes right to bed most days.

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I don't have a set schedule. I'm up at 5 am and go to work at 7 am. Back at 5:30 pm 4 days a week. Friday is either a shorter work day or I'm off. Fri, Sat, and Sun the dogs and I spend at least 2-3 hours a day doing something more intense- park, training class, etc. I take them to a store at least once a week. Weekdays I wake up and let Summer and Mia out. Summer goes back to sleep while I play ball with Mia. They're left in their large pen (almost an entire room) with their toy box and chews or stuffed kongs. Get home the first thing I do is let them out to play ball/train/go on a walk.

I'm feeling like a pretty lax dog owner. :p

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Monday through Friday:

5:45- Wake up, walk, get home, Kabota gets breakfast
7:45-7:55 - I wake up 10 minutes early so I can spend 10 minutes cuddling with Kabota before I go to work.
morning- at some point, husband trains and plays with Kabota
noonish- husband takes Kabota for a walk.
afternoon- at some point, husband trains and plays with Kabota
5:30- get home from work, walk, Kabota gets dinner
night time- at some point, husband and I both train and play with Kabota
9:00- walk then groom
10:00ish- go to bed

We practice a modified NILIF. Affection is free, treats and praise require performance of some kind.

I'd say your dog is just totally stressed because it's only been 4 days. It'll take weeks if not months for your dog to really calm down. Just be patient, stay consistent and give it time. And don't worry about pack leader nonsense, that was disproven long ago.

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Weekdays I get up at 5. Dogs sleep until 6.

6:00--feeding, morning potty.
6:15-- short training session with Gracie. Play session. Dogs go back to sleep.
7:45--hubby lets dogs out, puts Gracie in her crate w/treatball and bully stick. Gizmo gets treatball
3:30--I come home, let dogs outside
4:00-5:00--Gracie gets her walk
6:00--dinner time for pups
6:15--evening play/training session with Gracie (Gizmo is old and slow and cranky--he doesn't want to train...just wants food, lol).

Tuesday nights I take Gracie to therapy dog refresher classes from 7-8
Saturdays I take Gracie for therapy dog visits and Petsmart

I do practice NILIF. My dogs earn all the things they get--including affection (nothing tough--in the AM when Gracie comes into teh bedroom, she has to sitt before I pet, etc.). Dogs do not have bed rights--they have their bed, we have ours.

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We're up @ 6am. The dogs frequently sleep in a bit.
7am. Breakfast for the dogs. Both must sit before being fed. Cameron can't eat until we say "yes".
8am. Out for a hike. At least 1 hr, more in the summer
12pm or close to, out for @ 1/2hr, sometimes more
Rest of the day, lie around
5pm. Dinner. Both have to sit before being fed. Cameron has to wait for "yes" to eat. He's a bit of a shark so we keep him from rushing his food.
8pm. Night time potty break. Both have to pee before we come in. Toby usually poops. 10-20 minutes

During the summer the food times are the same but the hikes can be up to 3-4 hours

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Wake up 5:45-6:00 AM
Wake dogs up around 6:15 and shew them out for morning potty break
Dogs eat breakfast 6:20 AM
Thumper runs around the house/plays and Cash just chills until about 6:40 I put Thumper out for potty break # 2 before I leave for work.
Leave for work at 6:45 AM - Thumper goes into his large pen, gets bones, kong, treat dispenser and toys - Cash gets full roam of the house.
Home from work at 4:50 PM - out for potty break, then its either play time or we go for a 45 min walk, or Thumper and I work out and he goes on the treadmill.
Dinner time is between 6 - 6:30 PM.
After dinner its more play time, a walk if we didn't go before dinner, some quick and fun training sessions (like back and forth hide-and-go-seek recall), tricks, and we throw toys around or play tug.
If we need to relax they get a bone or bully stick.
One or Two potty breaks in the course of the evening..
Bed time between 9-9:30 PM. Cash sleeps on the bed and Thumper sleeps in his kennel.

Weekends are free for alls, there is no solid routine as sometimes were travelling out of town, or we're out and about, but typically if we're home they get to go to the dog park once or twice, they get to go visiting, go for car rides, etc or they chill out at home all day while I clean or do stuff around the house. Typically they eat later in the morning so they eat later at night because we're usually up later on weekends.

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Mornings begin at 6:30 am usually with potty time.

Back in the house for the dogs breakfast and my morning coffee at about 8 am. I am not a breakfast person and for myself I just snack on something for lunch somewhere before noon.

Morning grooming at about 9 or 10 am after breakfast potty break.
... never a set thing as we have kids to transfer to school and back from 8am to 3pm and after school activities.( Sister works and we babysit)

Walks in good weather in the woods before sun rise are exceptionally nice sometimes.

Somewhere in between I clean up the house some and feed and clean the birds. The dogs get treats and some refreshers on training. Vacuum before noon always so we have the rest of the day as we wish.

Potty time again around noon or so.

Potty time for sure at 2:30 before picking up kids from school. ( sometimes dogs go along in spring )

Providing weather is not winter ... dogs and I have outside time on the deck or in the woods or in the back yard ... or garden picking and maintenance or just playing around with toys and frisbees and balls and a good game of tug or maybe some training on walking, ... etc. I also keep a hard plastic kids play pool for the dogs in extreme hot weather. "We" play in the hose and sprinkler too. :)

Bad weather and we do the rest inside the house. Walks are generally for in the cool of the day, before sunrise sometimes and after sunset.

After 3:30pm it is close to making the dogs and the humans dinner unless I have something in the crock pot or simmering on the stove all day.
Between 4pm and 5pm it is dinner.

5:45pm it is Potty break.

6pm - 7pm is outside time and more playing around after food digests.
Anything goes between 7pm and 10pm including an after the sun goes down or after dark walk. ( LOVE after dark walks!) with safety lights blinking and reflective leads ... etc. for safety!

The dogs have at least two or three more potty breaks before bedtime and at bedtime for sure!

Sometimes we have a campfire until midnight or so ... the dogs get hot dogs! :) I get marshmallows. :)

We also have a very large pontoon boat for friends,family, and dogs ... and a fishing boat ... the dogs are being adjusted to going boating in the summer too, as we live on a lake. Abbylynn will be a trip this year. Last year she was only on the boat when we had it docked as she wasn't potty trained yet. :) No pooping on the poop deck! Lol! :)

This is close to our schedule ... it is never exact, but close ... we are generally busy ... Dad more so than I. Winter time and my disability keep myself pretty much hibernating from the outdoors except for walks ... which are a necessity outside. Dad walks the dogs sometimes if I ask him to.

You will notice I will be absent quite often from DF here when the good weather sets in! Lol! Outdoors is priority in good weather! :) I'll be seeing you all mainly at night on this computer...... we will be busy! :) We also have kids in the summer on their summer vacation and this makes a nice change for the dogs and their play mates. :) They love the kids!

Although our schedule is never quite the same on a day to day basis ... the dogs meals are consistent as this is a must for good potty habits and health.

It is just Dad, myself, and the animals....... after the kids are home.

We are generally tired and happy campers come bed-time.... yes siree! ... you betcha!

EDIT: Sorry so long ... just had a few extra minutes today.

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Other people have posted some pretty detailed daily routines so I'll just add to the "particularly NILF routines" that you asked about. In keeping with NILF, Hobbes pretty much has to ask for whatever he gets. If he wants on the furniture, he sits and stares at me until I invite him up. When he gets his dinner, he has to do a couple things ("go to your bed" while I'm getting his food together, then "come," and "sit". He has to sit directly in front of the bowl or tug-a-jug until I release him to eat. He's a superstar at this - just stares at me like "Please, momma!"

Before we go through a door, he has to sit. If we play a game such as tug, I make him "drop it" every few minutes and sit and wait until I'm ready to re-initiate play.

All of these things have really worked beautifully to improve his general house manners.

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Holly plays with her toys in the morning with me for at least 30 minutes, then she has her breakfast at about 9:30 ish, her first walk of the day is at 11:30, for at least 40 minutes, then when she gets back she gets a treat, then her second walk of the day is about 2:45 for at least 30 minutes, then she goes out front on the green at about 4:30 for at least 20 minutes, she gets her tea at about 6:30, this all depends if i have one of my nephews with me or a neighbours kid, the walks can last longer and her play on the green can too, she gets at least 2 hours a day, most days it's 2 and a half hours, some day it's 3 hours, others it is 3 and a half.

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Here's a rough approximation of my schedule:

5:30am: Wake up, take Coco out for a walk
6:00am: Go back to bed for a half hour (Coco is more than happy to comply)
6:30am: Wake up, feed Coco (she's in a "I'm bored with my breakfast" mood right now; so I don't so much as feed her as try to make her food seem like the most exciting thing in the world)
7:45am: After playing a bit, I head to work. Coco either goes to daycare (2-3 times a week) or stays at home
12:00pm: If Coco is at home, I'll head home to check in on her; not enough time for a walk, however, since I have to eat (Coco has an ex-pen she can get to outside to use the bathroom)
5:30pm: Get home, take Coco out for a walk
6:15pm: Feed Coco if she was in daycare that day (she is never not hungry at night)
6:15pm: Play in the backyard with Coco if she was not in daycare that day (she needs to burn energy)
7:00pm: Feed Coco if we were playing in the backyard
7:30pm: Relax and some training time (or, conversely, chase her around because she's trying to eat the pillows due to still being energized)
8:00pm: At this point, even energized Coco is ready to lay down, regardless; relax time
9:30 or 10:00pm: Head to bed

The weekend is only different in that I stay home all day. I still wake up early. Coco can't hold it past 5:30 or 6:00am.

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I wanted to thank you for the responses to this thread- it helps me to come bakc and re-read it now and then to get a sense of what's "normal" for a dog's life as I am a bit neurotic about my dog, LOL!

Pup has transitioned from day care 4 days a week to a dog walker and handles being alone for half days very well. I'm going to have to ask her to handle a full day now and then and am anxious about her- I imagine she will be OK, I need to chillax

She's generally well behaved but has started being afraid of other dogs (some, not all) and barking to 'chase them away'. I just acquired two Ian Dunbar videos to address it and found the Humane Society's page on barking helpful as well. This forum provided me the direction to both

Everyone in these forums just rocks- thanks a million
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