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I have a 17 pound 2 year old dachshund male named Tucker, very sweet and well mannered but also loves to run around and play. So we recently got him a playmate. a 3 month old 8 pound female rescue named lola (unknown breed). They took to each other quite quickly, which is part of the reason we got her (they got along great at the shelter). I want to make it clear that both of them appear to LOVE playing with each other. Chasing each other around and wrestling. However, Lola gets a little aggressive with how hard she bites Tucker's neck. He often allows her to be on top of him, and often times she latches very hard to his neck/ears/face. You can see his skin pull away because she has a tight grip with her puppy teeth. He will often let it happen without yelping despite it looking painful, but then even when he does finally yelp it doesn't naturally stop play (unclear if the intensity of the biting changes immediately). We have begun separating them when he yelps, but they both just want to get back to playing. It's only been a few days of this buy he has scabs on his neck where SKIN HAS BEEN BROKEN. Despite that, he is still the one that initiates play much of the time. My worry is, he seems to be very lenient with letting her play this way, and I'm worried it will teach her bad habits for playing with other dogs. I don't want to to totally stop them playing since they truly both seem to love it, but also want to avoid real injuries in the future, and her thinking biting dogs that hard is ok.

Want to make it clear Tucker is a very non aggressive, yet playful dog. He uses his open mouth while playing with her, but never bites and holds like Lola is doing. And I can tell he only goes at maybe 50% because despite his reach disadvantage he is MUCH wider and stronger and could pin her/hurt her if he wanted.

The only advice I can find searching the internet, considering the playing is mutual and hasn't escalated to real fighting, is to separate them when Tucker yelps. But should I be doing more earlier in the process? Since there is lots of hard citing/pulling before that happens?
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