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Rottweiler puppy food.

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Hi all. Just about to get my second rottweiler puppy (It's been a while). Can anybody give me some advice on the dry food I should feed him? There are so many on the market at the minute it's baffling. Thank you
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I would not feed a puppy food. These foods are often higher in protein and energy and "can" create overly fast growth which may lead to Panosteitis.

If your breeder is a good breeder they will likely recommend a food that has worked well for them, do go to that resource!

I would choose a good "all life stages" food and not necessarily grain free. I would not worry about getting a "large breed" good as most of the breed or size specific foods are more about marketing than the dogs bring fed.

When I purchased my young dog the breeder recommended I feed one meal kibble and the rest a raw mix with a supplement calked "Puppy Gold."

I have a large breed (GSD) and this advice worked well, though I changed to all raw after the puppy was 16 weeks (still adding Puppy Gold).
I've always fed my Rottie puppies all life stages food as opposed to puppy food and kept them on what the breeder was feeding. However, I can't say that never caused problems. In one case the breeder had just switched to something she'd never used before, which I didn't learn till later. That puppy did develop panosteitis, but fortunately not a bad case. It went through each leg and disappeared. When I investigated, that food had a high calcium/phosphorus ratio, which is suspected to predispose to pano.

With one of my other puppies, she always seemed like a poor eater, not finishing meals, sometimes not eating at all. Very un-Rottweiler-like and frustrating. Since she's also a softer dog than any of my others I thought it went with the territory so to speak, but when I finally switched her off that food, she never again didn't clean her dish with enthusiasm.

So while I'd always keep a new puppy on what the breeder was feeding for a while, I'd no longer be inclined to continue feeding that food without some research, and if the puppy wasn't enthusiastic about it, I'd at least switch once to make sure it was the puppy and not the particular food.
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