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rottie helps stop robbery

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here's the video news story :clap2:
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I am always glad to see a dog step up....

But if that was my dog, I would be highly disappointed.
Why is that, John?
Perhaps that sounds a bit harsh.... But the dog is not much of a factor. The dog bites at the bad guy but does noto really engage and does not stay engaged.

Dog that size and that breed, should have been able to end that situation in the first few seconds.....
here's another link that has the store video on it the video is 2 minutes and 36 seconds long the shows how the dog stayed engaged

There is no link... But no matter what it shows, that dog disengaged multiple times and never really hit the bad guy hard in that video..... I think he wanted to go and wanted to help. I do not think the dog was afraid....Just did not have the drive....

With a Pet untrained Rottie, that dog should be shaking that guy around the room like a rag dool and they should be having to pull the dog off the bad guy.
I will respectfully disagree with that last sentence. Fortunately, Clyde & I have never been put in that type of scenario, but I doubt he would be shaking anyone around a room. I get that some of that should be instinctual, but I also think that in order to get those results, some effort has to be put forth. My only effort is some OB training and playing with a bite pillow occasionally. I can't depend on him, and I honestly don't want to have to.
Well it depends on the dog.... But the proper temperament of a Rottweiler would be one of a strong protector. Not overprotective but in the right situation willing to take it as far as it needed to go. You don't see a lot of Rotties that are that way these days. It was not difficult to find on like that 25 years ago.

IMO as soon as it got physical, that dogs should have been biting hard and biting deep. At a couple of points it almost looked like the dog might bite the owner. As if there was something deep inside saying to go, but it was just not quite clicking.....physically that dog was more than a match for that man. If the dog was doing what it needed to be doing. The bad buy would not have been able to fight the owner. In a 2 plus minute fight, they should have been taking that guy out on a stretcher.
Well that is certainly true. Since I have had Rottweilers for 34 years I can definitely tell the difference between the temperament of the dogs in the past to how they are now. Due to fear of breed bans many breeders have gone a bit over board and breed dogs that have "safe temperaments" In doing so, we now have Rottweiler shaped Teddy Bears. I have mixed feelings on that because I don't think the integrity of the breed should change, the laws should. That said, now as an old lady, I am loving my teddy bears. I don't know how my boys would act as they have never been tested and hopefully never will. I know for a fact a few of my past dogs would have left that guy bleeding for sure.

I know I have said in other threads that I have been accused of "over socializing" and this is in part, what the people that said it meant. Any time My dogs have shown aggression whether to protect or not, I put a stop to it. I did this again, because of fear of losing my favorite breed. I suspect that a dog that was allowed to roam loose at a jewelry shop was over socialized too. People act weird sometimes, sometimes customers get angry and make a scene. Likely this dog was socialized to the point of ignoring most of that. Good for him for trying at all but honestly, his bites did appear more like " I am not sure what I should be doing here and I am a bit scared" If he was engaged as Johnny Bandit spoke of, that man would have been on the ground crying for the owner to pull the dog off.

Truer words were never spoke. The sad thing about the media showing a "protective Rottie" is again that is fuel for the wrong owners to want one. If he would have been "protective" the media would have likely not been good either. Either way good to see he tried and the owner, the dog and the store were all safe and the bad guy got busted. Love those happy endings.
And that is a lot of what I am getting at....

What makes a dog... A Rottweiler a Rottweiler, a GSD a GSD, a Collie a Collie, etc..... Is on the inside..... In the brain and in the heart. The coat, skin, bones, etc are just the package. And yes it is important to have a dog that is pleasing to the eye, and very important to have a sound dog. But you are buying the mind and heart. IF you do NOT want a dog that is likely to take things very seriously in a situation like that video..... Don't get a breed in which the dog was bred to take such things serious. I get what you are saying and that is what I see...... I see a lot of Labs out there in Rottweiler jackets. And I don't understand the desire to have such a dog. Rottweilers should not be aggressive dogs. Calm, quiet natured, reserved, etc. Mine was a big couch potato.... He was like a Bouncer at the bar that sits on the stool in the corner all day. But let in a situation where duty calls, he was a different dog.

Frankly a lot of Labs, etc would have done just as well as the dog in that video.... The dog MISSED a lot of opportunities. He had the easy side of the bad guy to start with. The bad guy was attacking his owner. He had the Calves, inner thighs, buttocks, back, etc all open to him. He had the opportunity to end it in seconds.... He could have pulled the guy right off his feet....Exposing the head, throat, etc.
The guy should have gone out of there on a stretcher......
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