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rottie helps stop robbery

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here's the video news story :clap2:
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But if that was my dog, I would be highly disappointed.

Why is that, John?
There is no link... But no matter what it shows, that dog disengaged multiple times and never really hit the bad guy hard in that video..... I think he wanted to go and wanted to help. I do not think the dog was afraid....Just did not have the drive....

With a Pet untrained Rottie, that dog should be shaking that guy around the room like a rag dool and they should be having to pull the dog off the bad guy.
I will respectfully disagree with that last sentence. Fortunately, Clyde & I have never been put in that type of scenario, but I doubt he would be shaking anyone around a room. I get that some of that should be instinctual, but I also think that in order to get those results, some effort has to be put forth. My only effort is some OB training and playing with a bite pillow occasionally. I can't depend on him, and I honestly don't want to have to.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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