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Rosie's itch problem!

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I hope I am just over reacting here, but I am really worried about our little Rosie. I am taking her to the Vet on Wednesday night hoping that they tell me I am just crazy.

Lately, she has been SUPER itchy, and I have been noticing some instances of hairloss. I originally thought the hairloss was from her harness when she pulls really hard. But now I am noticing it on her legs where the harness does not go.

She seems really healthy and happy otherwise, but I have absolutely no idea what this is, and am hoping that it is nothing serious. I don't think it could be fleas, since I fleaspotted her earlier this month and gave her a bath last night and saw no signs of fleas. It could be allergies, but there has been no recent change in diet. I feed her California Naturals Lamb and Rice formula, and have fed her the puppy version since she was about 5 months old.

It's just making me absolutely crazy. I cannot wait until Wednesday night to find out! Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Or tell me that I'm being an overprotective fool?
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