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Rose hill doodles- Floyd,VA

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Hi, has anyone ever heard of or had any dealings with Rose hill doodles in Floyd, VA

they have available bernadoodle puppies and I’m skeptical because I haven’t come across one breeder that has any puppies available
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A few things:

- Some of their adults claim "clear genetics" or "health testing complete" but they have not posted the actual results anywhere that I could find. I would want to know what these results are, specifically, preferably in the form of some kind of certificate from where they did the testing.

- Genetic health screening tells you nothing about their hips, and I see nothing about hip screening on any of their adults. As this is a large dog breed mixed with a giant dog breed hips are NOT optional in my eyes. Poor hips can cripple a dog before they're even out of puppyhood. If they provide hip screening results they should again be verifiable either through an online database like OFA.org or have some kind of certification that says someone qualified evaluated the x-rays. It concerns me that they have puppies they're already putting on their website saying they WILL be breeding as adults, since they can in no way know what the hip scores of a dog that young will be.

- Related to the above, their warranty gives you essentially no protection against inherited genetic issues or conformation problems. Basically sounds like you're on your own with any and all issues that show up after that first vet visit within the first three days of having the puppy, even if that issue can and should have been tested for and bred away from. This makes it even more important, imo, to verify that the tests are thorough and valid.

- I personally would want to know a lot more about their breeding program, goals, the lines they're working with, etc. How old did their BMD's grandparents and great-grandparents live to? What age do they start breeding? What traits do they select for to produce stable, healthy companion animals? How do they evaluate breeding stock in general? This is an individual thing, but I do like to know that my breeder's goals line up with what I'm looking for in a dog, and what they're doing to make that happen.

Some of these things might be resolved by talking to the breeder, but those are the immediate concerns. Especially at $3,500 for a puppy - more with transport - I'd absolutely want to know that every precaution was taken with health, temperament, and longevity with breeding, that the breeder has a comprehensive puppy raising program that jump-starts their socialization, and that I'll have great support from the breeder going forward. I wouldn't expect to pay that much for a well-bred purebred standard poodle or BMD unless I was getting a show prospect, and maybe not even then. Designer mixes do tend to be costlier, but like I said, if it were me I'd want to make sure I was getting real quality, conscientious breeding for my money.
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That is an awful lot of money for dogs that do not seem to have any of the things mentioned above.

I paid just slightly less than that price ($3500) for a puppy sired by the many (working) titled fully xrayed/genetically tested UScA nd WUSV World Champion out of a fully titled, xrayed/genetically tested (imported) bitch.

No way I would pay the price quoted for a mixed breed dog from parents with unknown hips/elbows and genetic tests.

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