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Road problems

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We have a 14 week old brittany that loves to mind when she wants. She does really well most of the time but she has become very brave around the road and doesn't acknowledge us when she ventures over there. We live on a somewhat busy highway and I'm worried that she will go out too far and get hit. Does anyone have suggestions to keep her away from the road?
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Leashes and fences are your friend.

Seriously though. She's a baby, and no matter how good a trainer you are, she's not going to reliably be able to understand or follow all the rules yet, especially one as hard to grasp as "walk on this bit of ground not that bit of ground." By making sure she's never physically able to wander into the road, you're both protecting her and making sure she never develops the unsafe habit of walking into the road. Honestly, as both a dog owner and a driver, I'm not a fan of dogs of any age off-leash on the roadside. Too much can happen. But especially so young, she needs physical boundaries until you've really worked on her understanding and reliability, and until she's mature enough to have better impulse control.
Yes, a leash or a fence.

Young dogs have poor impulse control and are known for blowing off owners. Doesn't matter how great of a trainer you are, sometimes teenage dogs just don't listen, and in the case you're describing your dog could end up dead. At 14 weeks she is still a bit clingy, but give it a month or two and she might go charging for the road and you won't be able to stop her.

Also, Brittanys are hunting dogs. Sometimes their nose and prey drive take over. You might never be able to safely trust your dog to stay off the road if she picks up a scent.

But, physically preventing her from blowing off a recall with a leash or prohibiting her access to the road with a fence will go a long way.
Love is a leash (and a fence). And I mean a physical fence, not an underground or wireless "fence" that depends on a zapper collar. Electronic fences don't keep other animals or people out, and if she loses the collar, or the battery goes dead, there's nothing to keep her in the yard. Also, dogs with high prey/chase drive might blow right through them in the heat of the moment, and then be unable to return because they get zapped as they approach to wire.

As said, she's a baby. Just as you'd never expect a human toddler to know of the dangers of a busy road, you can't expect a puppy to know the dangers of a busy road.

As Lillith said, hunting and chasing is pretty much hard-wired in Brittanies. Even trained adult hunting dogs are not immune from being hit by cars when they are intensely focused on finding or retrieved a bird.
Thank you. That's what I thought I would hear. We would live to get a fence both for our pup and our kids but it's not an option right now. Is there a good way to encourage her to do her business while she is on a leash? We have a chain that we put her on occasionally to let her have outside time without her running off and she won't go potty on her chain or a leash. It is usually when she is looking for a spot to go that she wanders towards the road.
Most dogs need to be taught to go on leash. If you continually take her out on leash she is eventually going to have to go, then lots of praise. It does take a while if they are always turned loose to go where they choose. Try taking her to a spot she has gone before which might help or take her for a good long walk on leash, that usually gets things moving.
To get her comfortable pottying on a leash, just keep taking her out on a leash. Eventually, she will HAVE to go. When that happens, tell her how wonderfully fantastic she is, and giver her some super yummy treats (make sure you take the treats out with you).

If you absolutely have to tie her out on a chain, make sure that it is light, and use a harness, not a collar. Also, don't leave her out along for long, and check on her frequently whenever she is tied to make sure she isn't tangled and can reach shelter and water.

If you can't fence the entire yard, at least look into putting up a kennel run. A 10' x 10' pen is plenty large for a young puppy. Again, if you are going to leave her out in it for any length of time, make sure she has shelter from the weather, access to water, and that there aren't any gaps at the bottom that she could squeeze through.
a good walk , exercise is like fiber in their diet :) helps to move their system along. Taking your pup on a regular brisk walk will also help. There is lots of way to put up a cheaper visual fence for a dog not trying to get out and leave. You don't have to fence the entire yard area you can make a nice large run for them.. right off your back door. Something that is temporary until you can fence off your yard and materials that are suitable for your dog.. My guys would need something more expensive for weight material wise, and for height . they wouldn't normally want to leave an enclosure but they are reactive towards changes in the environment. Your pup may not need a 6ft fence or a heavy guage with heavy post. thus the same enclosure for you would be cheaper.. Many dogs just need a visual boundary to know what their area is
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