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I came back from California with this two year old handful. She was at a county shelter and had already been returned three times. I love higher drive breeds, their intelligence and curiosity and independence. For those who like to have a working relationship with their dogs... I figured she was husky/shepherd but pretty quick I realized there is DEFINITELY border collie and can’t beleive I missed it before. Border collies are new to me.

Things to be worked on: she has a fear of being hit, so things over her head scare her (I went to brush the hair out of my eyes the other day and she flinched). She has a phobia of her collar being grabbed. She is ridiculously mouthy and handsy which isn’t really cute in a 60 lb dog. All the obedience.

The awesome bits: she loves to swim and will follow me around the lake. She learned how to sleep in a tent nicely within a minute. She wakes me up every morning sweetly by nosing my arm. She adores other dogs. I’m excited to try agility with her to build confidence and get out her limitless energy.


1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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