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Ripping sheets

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Hi all

My begal, pickles has been sleeping under the blanket or between my legs ever since i got him. This had lead him to want to sleep under something. I am completely fine with this as i have never had a problem with this, But a couple of months ago he ripped a hole in the sheets so he could sleep under it. I was fine with this as the sheets were quite old and had been left out of in the sun causing the material to break down. So i just though it would not happen again as the sheets were very easy to rip. I got new sheets and yesterday he ripped a hole into them with easy. He dosent dig into the sheets as far as Im aware and only really did it when i first got it. I'm not really sure what to do as i cant punish him as it is something he dosent do often.

Cheers Alex
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Yep we just had to buy new sheets too. One of our dogs will roll around on her back in the mornings and push off with her back feet. Sometimes her foot happens to be under the blanket and she will rip a hole in the sheet. Then we have to get new sheets. The only real solution for us is to try to make sure she's on top of the blanket and that her foot doesn't touch the fitted sheet.

In your case I'm not sure there's much you can do about it if you're allowing him to sleep on the sheet. Do you think he's doing it on purpose? Does it only happen when you're there? If so, you can stop him as soon as he starts to dig.

You could also try getting a different type of sheet. We always buy percale, which is a bit "crisper" so not as easy to hook with a claw.
The first time i was at work so was not home, but the second time i was but had headphones so did not hear him. I would say he is doing it on purpose as he is just trying to get under something to sleep. I have been making sure there has been something above the sheet even if it is a another loose sheet so he can just crawl under it. But i tend to forget now and then. What is the toughest sheet? Might try this method
We had to buy new sheets too. My female LOVES nesting in our sheets!
When you are not home, shut the bedroom door and don't let the dog in there. Same when you ARE home but cannot watch the dog.

Problem solved.
Could you grind his claws smooth and short so that he can't easier tear the sheets??
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