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Right Track with Ignoring Cats?

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Chase will try to play with the cats. It would be fine if he didn't get over-excited and start barking like crazy at them. It's the only time he barks. I tried redirecting by throwing/hiding kibble and telling him to "Find it." Now the cats will come out from where they ran to during his barking and start taunting him (I'm sure that's not what they're really doing but they sit there and start meowing until he starts chasing/playing with them).

So this is what I started doing tonight. When I saw him going/looking towards a cat I would watch him. Whenever he looked away I would click and treat. Is this the right steps towards teaching him to ignore the cats? Eventually I plan on expanding the parameters.

He gets lots of exercise every day. Half hour fetch games at least 2x and a 30-60 minute walk (depending on heat). Also we have a large fenced in back yard where I let him go off leash to run during potty breaks. We also do small sessions of training throughout the day.
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Yes. This is a good start. You'd also like to do the same with squirrels, rabbits, and other prey.

Cats are a little different than conventional prey animals:
1. They are stationary... the dog barks to get them to run.
2. They are running... prey drive kicks in, at least for chasing .... You may consider training a "look away" for this also.
3. They are playing with your dog... the dog can learn the difference.

My dog will pester cats, but will not harm them. He will chase a running rabbit, but has little interest in a stationary rabbit, and he will chase a squirrel under all circumstances, unless it is dead. Then, he no longer has interest.
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