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Never mind ! Found what I was looking for thanks to user Gingerkid!

This is related to my post I made yesterday Canyx was right. I thought that I may get quicker replies if my question wasn't buried in that post.

I am trying to train calm following the instructions in Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown. The user Marvel has recommended "Sit on the Dog" and I have read Karen Overall's Calm Protocol. I will try to utilize all of these resources.

I would like advice on keeping my dog calm while rewarding. Is it possible to train without marking the desired behavior? It seems that if I click or verbally mark a behavior my dog is up and in my face waiting for a reward.

Should I be spontaneously rewarding calm around the house? For example, my dog goes and rests in her crate. Reward? How do I keep her down and relaxed when I bring food to her?

Thanks for any help.
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