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Reviewer Recruitment!

100% Free to Try Out MIU PET Products!

What you need to do:

Apply & Submit:
Just email us at [email protected] to apply
Tell us what products your are interested in, check it out here: www.miupet.com
Pls include where you'll share your review. such as your Amazon profile, your website link(if you have), or your social media channels for a reference.

Trial & Review:
Receive our free samples to do a detailed, attractive, fair and honest review.

Publish & Share:
Post your review on Amazon or your website, or share it on your social media, send us a feedback via email.

>>We'll provide free codes for reviewer to purchase the sample on Amazon. And we'll not pay for shipping fee.

>>You'll not need to send back the sample.

>>Free Trial opens to the U.S., UK, CA, DE and FR

>>All rights reserved by MIU PET.

Just join us to try~


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