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Last week I informed my dad nicely that I would be letting the Polands Millie can't go out with the Polands as she is took big and likes to either flush them out or try and catch them. They are also being Bantam sized chickens a bit too small to defend themselves. Dad knows not to let the dog out when the Polands are free. I was really cross when he came out and let them dog out fortunately she missed them and hadn't seen them at all but then when dad came out a second time out came Millie again and this time went for the Polands >.>

fortunately she only tried to pick them up in her mouth but I managed to tell her to drop them and got hold of her to pick herup and make sure she went back in. I was pretty cross with my dad as he knows how fast she is and what she can do to the Polands if she gets them as I have told him this as well. We have a utility room (double doors) in our kitchen dad knows to use those doors rather then the main kitchen.

Well yesterday I got my own back I was so angry with him because he just ignored me that day that when Millie did a poo on the pattio I left it their knowing he never looks were he is going anyway. It worked as he informed me when he came in that he had just trodden in dog poo mouwahaha :clap2::clap2:
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