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I have a seven and a half month old puppy who is on his second round of metro for giardia.

At the end of the first treatment once his diet was nearly all kibble, the diarrhea came back full swing so I called the vet and they gave me ten more days of the metro. (He was only off for two days.) I thought the first treatment may not have been effective after I got the second script and the dosage was much higher and they actually asked me how much my dog weighed. I now just started weening him off the bland diet again and the diarrhea is back.

Should I wait to see if the diarrhea continues and just stall the transition or power through and hope for the best or start back at zero and call the vet again? Any suggestions about how to firm up his poops while I transition him back?

This is the first dog I've been responsible for and want to make sure I'm doing right by him. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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