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Retrofitting my wheels in an attempt to make them more dog friendly. Extra large hamster water bottle to keep the pup hydrated. Dog seat cover to keep the original seat cover clean. And a dog seat belt, if i ever get pulled over for speeding hopefully the officer is a dog lover, he/she sees this setup they'll tear that ticket up fast. Keep your eyes open in the review arena, will eventually post some in depth reviews of these items...

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Any of it. All of it. I'd be more worried about fido launching out the windshield or getting a hamster water nozzle through it's face during an accident. Other than safety concerns the whole operation seems pointless and a lot of work for nothing. I take the dogs on road trips, they go in a crate, they go in the back, they get water when we stop to pee. It's the safe way to do things.
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That rig, particularly the hangar hook and the bottle nozzle, looks like an accident waiting to happen. If there's a passenger airbag it's even more dangerous.
Oh I hadn't thought about that, ouch!!! I think fido will be submarined under the dash at that point but you never know
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Yet, he's worried about a dog having constant and instantaneous access to water :rolleyes:
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Ain't never seen a vehicle engulfed in flames where the blaze actually started in the rear.

Therefore, seems a cage in the back would be the best and safest place to stow .. it.

And buy a fire extinguisher. Just to ease that worried mind.
I had a fire extinguisher mounted in my car once, it was a requirement at the track...
This is my former set up from years ago.

View attachment 265323

This is my current set up.

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View attachment 265325

I have no expectation whatsoever of being let off of a speeding ticket. The crates and air circulation fans are strictly for the dogs' well being and safety.
That's awesome, ban I ask where you get those fans? Do they plug Obrien a 12v outlet?
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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