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Lots of dogs are adopted with backgrounds as outside dogs, stray dogs, unknown settings. It is very possible to train an adult dog to be an inside dog.

Housetraining-- the advantage here is that the dog is an adult dog with fully developed bladder and brain. You housetrain like a dog is a puppy with frequent breaks outside as possible and rewards for potty outside, but overall, the dog already has the ability to hold their body functions for a longer time then a puppy so there is less chance of them having an accident inside.

Crates-- Separate crates, next to each other if needed. Play "crate games". If they are close in age and show anxiety when separated, then you should also read up on "littermate syndrome". It is not about being littermates biologically but how young dogs can emotionally bind to each other too closely and have a lot of stress when separated. If Mama dog and baby dog are only 1 year apart, I can see how they could have separation anxiety having not been apart enough before.

Cats--- crate and rotate.

Runner-- microchip the dog and keep it up to date with cell phone number and latest address. Get a habit of putting the dog in a crate or behind a closed door before opening the front door to the home.

Exercise-- keeping a dog mentally and physically exercised can somewhat reduce the tendency to dig, under a fence or otherwise.
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