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Hello, in the early days of August my amazing dog, Sarah, passed away. Sarah was a bordercollie/black lab mix; in her early years she had gone through extreme abuse. She was extremely terrified of leashes, being covered up, and cameras; I don't know exactly what he would do but from her fears I know it was awful. She pulled through all of this, and became a great family dog that we loved for 9 years. She became fond of the leash after she realized what it was used for, sadly she died of either a heart attack or an aneurysm; I wasn't there for her last moments, my parents said that she was going over to be pat and just collapsed... Thankfully she didn't have to suffer; I just wish I got to say good bye.

I've always loved this dog, she was really my dog, (played/took care of her the most) I had her for 9 years, and losing her was just like losing a family member... Which she was.

I only have few photos of her; but not on a card. Reason was because she was terrified of those cameras.

Rest in Peace, Sarah "Bear" Beveridge, you will never be forgotten and you were a true companion.
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