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Recently I saw my dog start to "resource guard" her food. I will add this was a created situation by me (inadvertantly). We would go for a walk and I would bring her in and feed her in her big crate and let her stay there quiet for an hour and then go get her and we do clicker training.

Leaving her alone to eat all the time set her up to start to thing of things as "MINE!" and the first thing she woofed and lunged at was one of the cats. When she did it a second time (no food around while this was going on BTW) I could see I had the beginnings of possible resource guarding.

Not wanting her to do this or to hurt the cats (or anyone else, including me as it escalated) I changed things around.

1.) NO more eating alone. Eating is a family gathering now. She has to eat with me there, I will put my hands in her dish sometimes and she has to share her eating space with a cat. Oliver is chosen for this job as he is a good soul and loves the dog. The other four come over and help...

2.) We all go and invade her bed area. I encourage the cats to and I do it too.

3.) Treats are to be shared.

After three days (and realizing the behavior had not become established so recognizing that as part of the success) here are the results.

Oliver and Atka are eating side by side here. The other is the two of them sharing a dog treat.. notice Oliver has his head UNDER her ear.. :)

I think the issue has been nipped in the bud tho it will continue to be worked on. I am pleased that I noticed the issue b4 it started and have successfully gotten it worked out and I have learned something from it.


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