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Hi! I've dealt with your run of the mill resource guarding before with other dogs. Mostly with bones/food.

But we recently got a new terrier mix of some kind. She's 14 weeks and showing resource guarding over toys and possibly other things. The problem is it isn't so much shown to people- which I know how to deal with, but other dogs. We have another dog who is a pretty submissive type by nature although He has refuted a little bit. Nothing serious and she seemed to back down when he warned her but I'm still seeing a little bit of those behaviors from her towards the other dog.

Another issue and I'm not sure if it's about the toys or just general resource guarding, is she gets nippy with him when he first walks into the house. Like my husband is taking the other dog on a walk and bring him in She kind of nips and growls at him when he first walks in. It's probably more annoying to him at this point than anything but it's definitely not play.

I'd love any tips! She is going to puppy class starting today. And we have brought private trainers to our house before for our other dogs and would not hesitate to do the same for her. I know this is a common thing for the breed but I still would love tips on how to deal with it.
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