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Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old female living in California. I have three dogs :rockon: but the reason for creating this account was for my lil pupper named Pelusa, or Lucy for short (Pelusa means fuzzy in Spanish).

She's 4 years old, and she's either a Yorkie/Chihuahua or a Yorkie/Papillon mix.

About 2 years ago I rescued Pelusa from the terrible living conditions that a family member had her and her mommy in. After the mom had her litter they were selling all but one of the pups. I asked to keep the smallest (the runt) of the litter because I'm a softie and knew she was struggling: This is Luna. They kept Pelusa. Side note: Because of how terrible these people are at keeping pets, I suspect that if I hadn't taken Luna in she wouldn't have survived!! Anyway...

*Rescue story follows; I'll probably cry a little remembering it lol.* One day the family were all together at an aunt's house and this particular family member brought Pelusa along. She was shockingly malnourished, underweight, her behavior indicated abuse, and she had a rope tightly tied around her neck in place of an actual collar and leash. I witnessed her getting screamed at over nothing and yanked and pulled at by that horrible rope. She hid away under tables and chairs most of the day when I wasn't with her giving her love once she'd warmed up to me. I decided to kindly ask if I could "take her home for a few days to reunite with her sister" which they agreed to. The very next day I bought her a proper collar and leash. (I even had a pretty hard time trying to cut the rope off because it was that tight around her.) My mom and I were so shocked at how skinny she was. When you touched her or picked her up, all you felt were bones. Well, days turned into weeks, and after a discussion with her then-owners, we were fortunately allowed to keep her for good.
For those first months she was severely insecure, sensitive, nervous, and the most significant thing we noticed was that she was terrified of men. I have a dad and brother at home, so her fear of men was very obvious; She avoided them at all costs, and ran straight to me when they were around. Overall everyone could tell that she was just a sad, sad pupper. She also had this issue with her eyes for quite a while where she'd scratch at them seemingly compulsively with her front paws, to the point where she'd start crying and yelping, but she'd keep at it until we stopped her. We suspected it was some kind of allergy issue or something but it had gone away one day over a year ago and never happened again.
Anyway I've had her for around 2 years now, she is no longer afraid of men and she has become an amazingly confident, happy, playful dog. She is genuinely the sweetest, most loving and affectionate dog I've ever seen or known. She is so full of love and joy and always wants to share all of it. I truly believe she felt safe with me that one day at my aunt's house and grew that attachment to me from the get-go. We are basically inseparable now.

She has honestly helped me through incredibly hard times in life. I suffer from depression, which at many points has reached lows I didn't think I'd survive. I became severely suicidal in June/July, which is when I started seeing a therapist for the first time. Interestingly enough I'd absolutely light up whenever I talked about Pelusa. Through several sessions, therapist and I realized that this amazing little dog actually helped keep me from tipping over that edge. So we both agreed that Pelusa would be my ESA (emotional support animal). She's been the best to me.

So I think it's amazing how this rescue story worked out: I saved her, and she saved me. Aaaand I am totally crying now, and she is totally laying her head on my leg, staring at me with her loving and concerned eyes :Cry:

ANYWAY, sorry for the long first post, I do hope you read it all though lol! Pelusa and I are happy to meet all of you!!! :biggrin1::flypig:
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