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Some dogs do nip or mouth asking for attention, or in play. It is inappropriate, but I wouldn't be surprised since this sounds like a dog who hasn't spent much time inside with a family.

I obviously can't see what's actually going on, but I too have a significant other who likes to "play rough" with the dog. The dog does not generally play this way with me, however. They will "wrestle", with the dog mouthing, boxing with his paws, growling, air snapping, barking, rolling around, and looking stupid, really. I know it's play and good fun for the dog because he keeps coming back for more, his body is loose and wiggly, he rolls over and shows his belly (mostly because he wants belly rubs), he might get excited and have a zoomie, and will grab a toy and offer it if he can find one close by. If you're not sure of your dog's body language, it might be best for you to consult a professional.

That being said, I would have a serious discussion with your boyfriend about his refusal to heed your wishes when it comes to your dog. He's not being stubborn, he's being inconsiderate, dismissive, and, quite frankly, a massive butthole.

Many dogs don't appreciate having their temp taken...and if he was already tender or in pain he likely did not appreciate the intrusion. The vet wisely decided to let this procedure go. If you feel vet visits may be stressful for your dog, it never hurts to muzzle train him. Look up the Muzzle Up project. This protects everybody...the dog from having a bite record, and the vet from getting bit.
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