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Rescue for dogs that might do well in sports?

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when I leave the house for college I'd like to adopt a dog of my own. My three dogs who I train and care for technically belong to my parents and will not be leaving the house with me (with exceptions to my poodle). Beyond that, my two dogs are older, and I do not want my poodle in sports such as agility, for fear of Injury. He is a working dog and I cannot have him off the job. Since my dogs are 7 & 9, I think that by the time I'm in college (1 1/2 years) , They'll be retired by then, as far as high inpact sports go.

So, here is my question. I don't want to get another purebred, I want the challenge of another rescue, but I am having tough luck in the normal shelters. Are there any breed specific rescues for border terriers and papillons you know of? Or rescues meant specifically for dogs who may do well in sports?
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