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when I leave the house for college I'd like to adopt a dog of my own. My three dogs who I train and care for technically belong to my parents and will not be leaving the house with me (with exceptions to my poodle). Beyond that, my two dogs are older, and I do not want my poodle in sports such as agility, for fear of Injury. He is a working dog and I cannot have him off the job. Since my dogs are 7 & 9, I think that by the time I'm in college (1 1/2 years) , They'll be retired by then, as far as high inpact sports go.

So, here is my question. I don't want to get another purebred, I want the challenge of another rescue, but I am having tough luck in the normal shelters. Are there any breed specific rescues for border terriers and papillons you know of? Or rescues meant specifically for dogs who may do well in sports?

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Look for something of a herding type or sporting type.... Lean and athletic......
When you see what might fit the bill, see if you can play with the dog in an open fenced area...... Check its ball and play drive.....

The dog will not know you, but if it has enough drive it will kick in and the dog will play ball with you....

And if you are serious about the dog being a sport prospect.... you are going to want to get them to allow you to have its hips, elbows, patellas etc xrayed and checked before committing to the dog.. .

Some rescues will let you do this.... some will not...

But you need both the physical and mental capabilities....

And rescues can be FUNNY.....Sometimes they do not want their dogs to be expected to be anything more than pets....

When I was traveling a lot with Merlin. He was campaigning..... We were having a lot of break ins of occupied dwellings.... So I was looking for a serious turn key watch dog.....

I found a 3 year old Anatolian in another state.......
They stated that she did not trust or like anyone she did not know well. Was very territorial, very protective. Barks loudly at strangers and strange noises, etc.
Okay with other dogs and animals.

I put in the application.... Sent them references galore... photos of my house and yard (when I first spoke with them they were open to an out of state experienced home) had all sorts of documentation......

I ended up getting denied.... The reason..... The application asked why I wanted that particular dog.... I wrote "watchdog"
Which is exactly what they described her to be....

It became this entirely overblown ordeal..... No matter that the dog would have care, attention and affection. live and sleep in the house, etc.

Finally they agreed to let me have her.... But by then a friend was looking to place an 8 year old retired breeder/show ACD..... She didn't like anyone.... But after we fed her a few days she decided we were okay.... And she was completely trained... She fit the bill perfectly.
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