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rescue dog help! dependency issues?

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My husband and I adopted a poodle/maltese mix, and we've had her for 2 weeks now. She started of super timid and scared, but has warmed up to us both relatively. Not sure if we're dealing with some separation anxiety here, but she will follow me everywhere. If she's laying down and I get up, she jumps up to follow. She will whine if I leave my husband and her in a room, staring at the door. He says she eventually quiets down, but pretty much just stares at the door, making little sounds every now and then. When he leaves the room and she's completely alone, she'll whine a little and eventually settle down and just lay down by the door.

He has been the one doing most of the walking, (positive, basic OB) training, treating, feeding, but it hasn't seemed to help with her attachment issues to me. The funny thing is, she will obey basic commands (sit, come, place, stay) from him, but not as well when I am the one giving commands. When we are all together in a room, she is super happy and will want to play. What can I do to help strengthen their bond and her comfortability with him? Why does she seem to love me but won't listen to me?
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It takes teamwork definitely!

As time goes by she should get better, try to do activities where both of you guys can do OB with her at the same time! A fun activity I did to strengthen my pups bond with my brother was playing tug!! Where one person would get him to sit or do a position we wanted, then play super excitedly then toss the tug to the next person and repeat the cycle! If she’s not interested in that you can use high value food/treat and find something she can climb on like a big box, one person lures her on then rewards her, and then the other person gets her down and rewards her/ repeat! You guys got this! If you feel like you aren’t making process try finding a trainer :)
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