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Just recently adopted a 4 y/o male aussie-chow mix named Naches. We fell in love with him at the shelter but had to wait 3 weeks to take him home thanks to kennel cough and his delayed neutering. He was at a foster and upon the day we had to finalize the adoption the lady at the shelter shared with us that he had a bad interaction with the fosters cat. We have two cats and we specifically looked for a dog who would work well. He is a well-behaved boy, not a barker and pretty good with corrections. Anyway, we had hope since him chasing the cat was mainly due to the fact that they gave a "poor introduction". He has a squrriel alert but he can easily be distracted by us, he's friendly and actually assisted in socializing intaked dogs at the shelter. My family and I are willig to put in the effort to make our cats and dog get along but any advice or even shared stories could benefit a lot!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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