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Required Intro Post - Hey all!

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Excited to be a part of this forum! Some info on me: I have only had one puppy (but that was when I was a puppy myself so I can't take any credit for training her) and am around dogs constantly as I dog-sit for my coworkers very often. So...now I have a new puppy of my own and am ready to take on all the joys and challenges it brings.

I have an 11 week miniature Australian Shepherd named Mei (pronounced "May"). She's spunky and beautiful and super smart already! I absolutely love being a dog mom, but I find myself getting a little stressed out with decision making (especially with potty training). Is this what parenthood is like?! *gasp*

Looking forward to all the support this forum seems to provide. I will be posting about potty training right after this.

Nice to meet you all.
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