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I narrowed it down to taking one of these two classes for the Fenzi Academy:

Relationship Building Through Play

I've been working a lot of building my dog's play drive and engagement with me and have really got him a lot more motivated (just through watching a lot of her free vid's online and some other trainers) but still struggle with getting that same motivation in more distraction environments or even just outside like at the park, training facility, etc. My dog will work for food anywhere but personal play/toys not so much outside of our home or yard.

So wondering what course might be better to take and if anyone had any feedback in what they got out of these courses?

I've also really like Forrest Micke's style of working. He does have a "Teaching Engagement Skills" (only $39 vs $65 for the Fenzi bronze level classes) but not sure how detailed it is or which I would get more out of...

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