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Hi everyone,

I rehomed a gorgeous 4yr collie/alsatian cross from dogs trust about a month ago. Until recently there had been no problems with her. I live in a coastal village with stretches of grasslands and a beach that always has people walking their dogs along, and like them it's where I take Cherry for her walks. She has a good recall and likes to run ahead before stopping and waiting for me to catch up to her. We would walk for miles and had no problems from other dogs or anything like that.

I normally take Cherry on her walks but sometimes if i'm late from work one of my parents will take her out for a walk with their dog. They don't let her off the lead incase she runs off but this doesn't seem to bother Cherry. My girlfriend also enjoys taking the dog out for walks too but she does let her off the lead, like I do.

Recently though, when I take Cherry out alone we get so far along our normal route and she will suddenly stop dead in her tracks, sticks her tail between her legs, and pins her ears back. She refuses to walk any further. At first I thought it was a one off problem and it was because there were some bigger dogs walking by on leashes and she stood and watched them but didn't seem panicked.

The next day I took her out with my parents dog along one of the normal routes we go, same thing happened even though it was a different area and there were no dogs about.

I asked my parents to keep an eye on her actions when they take her for walks without me and they've told me she's totally fine with them. She even sees other dogs and doesn't feel panicked or stressed.

Today my girlfriend and I took the 2 dogs out again. I had Cherry on the leash and showed my partner what she does. Sure enough we got so far along and she stopped. My partner sweet talked her and encouraged her to follow and she started walking again. Now I've tried this before and it didn't work.

On the walk my girlfriend went out of sight and Cherry was left with me, and she just stopped and wouldn't go any further until my GF reappeared.

I don't raise my voice to her, I don't hit her or use punishment techniques, I've read about positive training using treats which I do but even treats don't get her to walk. In the house shes fine with me. She spends all week with me since she lives at my home, and she loves cuddles and attention from me but this is so confusing as I don't think i've given off any wrong signals to her on our walks before.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I apologise for the long post but realise the more information given the better the advice I can receive.

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