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Lots of great advice offered already, but I thought I'd jump in as well.

Management is very important initially, so the dog doesn't get out and possibly get hurt! So that's first for sure.

Beyond that, as @parus said, walks are massively overrated! And so is the impulse many of us have to jump right into training a new dog! Just spending time, quietly, without expectations of any kind, is also massively underrated!

Before you can train any dog you need their engagement and focus. And to get that, you often have to spend some time getting to know the dog you're working with.

Your dog, from your description, doesn't need to be "desensitized" to the outdoors, she needs to really understand what it is you want. Her perception of that dynamic, being out on a leash, needs to be changed. And that needs to take place at home with minimal distractions!

I recently watched a great interview of a very well known, world class champion IGP trainer, Dave Kroyer. And in response to a question on what he works on first with a new dog or puppy he said, "the first month or so is all about preparing the dog/puppy to learn"!

That sums it up nicely. Slow down, spend time showing the dog that you can be trusted, and that paying attention to you will be in the dog's best interest (really good, fun things happen when they do!), then and only then will the dog be "ready" to learn.

Then start with simple stuff, at home, like recall and sit etc. It's not so much about what as it is about engagement and reward - in the dog's eyes! Remember, you're the one with the agenda, the dog simply wants to feel safe and have fun!

Again, since you said after a bit of training your dog wants to avoid it, that should be a HUGE wakeup call to slow down and rethink the approach.

Take your time, stop the walks and up the time you spend just being quietly present. Seize opportunities to reward engagement and learn how to play with the dog in a way that particular dog likes!

Slightly structured play is the best way, IMHO, to begin any training with any dog/puppy! Give it a try...and good luck with your new best friend!
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