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registered name Ideas

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hi! I'm getting a little Chi mix in june and I am looking for a registered names! His Name will be Kundu, Which means Rat in Sanskrit. I want his name to have something to do with rats, as I've always called chi's or any small dog "rat dog" just as a little joke. Seems like a lot of other people call small dogs little rat dogs too I've noticed. I came up with "rat dog small but powerful" Call name Kundu. But I don't know if it quite rings the way i'd like to.

Maybe I should change it up and name him something different all together. My other dog is "Deacons beacon of light" So maybe I could follow the light theme? No idea.. Suggesions?
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You could use a Mandarin combination of rat and dog. Sorry, not sure of the pinyin spelling.

Lau Shu Gao .... pronounce like Lao Shoe Go

Lau Shu = rat or mouse
Gao = dog
3 syllables is too long?????

So you are restricted to no more than 2 syllables. Then consider RatDog or DogRat.

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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