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Happy to be here and excited to be part of the community.

My husband and I adopted an 11 month “hound mix” approx 1 month ago. We’re told he has some lab, pit and German Shepherd in him. He has a spotty adoption history — found as a stray at one month, adopted out, then found on the street a few months later. He came to us on heart worm preventative and we have continued it.

About 1.5 weeks after being with us, we noticed he was squinting his eyes pretty badly. We brought him into the vet, thinking it was allergies. He was diagnosed with a mild case of hook worm and he was prescribed Amoxicillin.

Three days later, he was completely blind, walking into tables, chairs, walls. Our general vet prescribed an eye drop. The next morning, we saw an ophthalmologist, who diagnosed him with bilateral retinal detachment. We were prescribed stronger eye drops (Prednisole Acetate), a steroid (Prednisone) and Doxycycline. Later that week, we saw another specialist who tested him for Aspergillosis and Pythium — both negative. The same specialist ran an X-ray and ultrasound. No abnormalities.

A week ago, an ophthalmologist check up showed that his frontal eye inflammation has reduced, but the back is still swollen. We’ve continued drops and other meds.

Three days ago, we found out that his hook worm has fully escalated. His general doctor prescribed him Virbantel.

Present day, it doesn’t appear that his vision has improved. He’s able to navigate our home, but it appears as if he has adapted — not regained sight. His energy levels fluctuate and sometimes he seems depressed. He barks much more than he has in his time with us (seemingly at nothing) and is sometimes afraid to go outside. The next step, per vet, is to treat him for an autoimmune disease.

We’re prepared to adapt to life with a blind pup, and will give him all the care he needs and love he deserves.

But we would love some answers. Any idea what may have caused this?
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