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This is about our 5 years old cavalier king charles spaniel Stella.
She had surgery the 25th of March to take 4 teeth out. A few days prior to that, upon finding the loose tooth, I noticed and pointed out that her gums looked pale but neither my mom or the vet seemed to think much of it. The surgery went well and she came home. Her appetite continued to be very low which we assumed was because of the stitches and discomfort caused by the surgery. Her energy was low but since she wasn't eating ideally it wasn't that surprising. We fed her soft food and made sure she at least ate some. After 10 days the low appetite and general fatigue had still not gone away, and she had also started eating dirt/grass every chance she got. We got worried and got back in touch with the vet who could see us 2 days later. This time it was a different vet, and when she looked at her gums (plus hearing about her eating dirt) she immediately suspected anemia and sent in some bloodwork. 2 days later (yesterday, 9th of April) she called us with the result (see attachment) and told us Stella had a moderate regenerative anemia, likely caused by inflammation (for ex maybe a virus) and as long as she didn't get worse we should wait and come back for new bloodwork in 2-3weeks.

Stella continued to be fatigued, not at all wanting to go out on walks/wanting to turn back home and no appetite. (The less interest in walks is something that we had noticed from time to time over the last few weeks) We started digging into research, and seeing all of the many possible (and severe) underlying causes of anemia, plus seeing no improvement in Stella, we got really anxious and called another veterinary clinic that was open.

They were full and couldn't take her in, but upon hearing her lab results recommended us to not wait and get her taken in somewhere already tonight. The closest place is 2 hours away. We spoke to them and sent over the results. Their recommendation was that the numbers aren't that alarming and we should wait and see what happens. Stella seems OK. Definitely more tired than normal and mostly sleeping, but mixed with brief moments of "her old self"/more energy.

So now we just wait and hope she doesn't get worse. I know I should just let it go for now and leave it to the vets to investigate in the future, but being a certified overthinker who overanalizes absolutely everything in life that is quite impossible... So I'm sitting here biting my nails down to nothing trying to google myself some answers of the cause of the anemia. Reading all these stories about IMHA/AMHA and other sudden tragic outcomes of anemia, my mind is going crazy.
Does anyone have experience with this type of anemia/these symtoms? What happened? How did it go?
Anybody who has any guess what it might be judging by her bloodwork?

(PS: Sorry for rambling)

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