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Refuses crate in the night

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My 11 week old puppy refuses to go back into his crate in the middle of the night after a potty break. If I lift him in, he doesn't seem to mind, no fussing or whining or anything at all. He just refuses to go in on his own. I know I'm not supposed to be force my dog into crate but does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?
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Restrict fluids two hours before bedtime.
Potty Stop before bed
Bedtime, into the crate.
Good Dog.

An 11 week old puppy should have no trouble sleeping through the night without a potty stop.

Uncle Foster
11 weeks old puppies certainly are not all capable of going 6-8 hours without a potty break. A few can do it, but for the vast majority, their bladders are too small to hold it in that long.
Can I prove that All lPuppies can? No.

The Internet says 4 months.
I just now wonder what effect removing individual pups from mom and littermates has on sleep depth and duration?

All three of my fostered litters not only could sleep through the night but did sleep and not just 6 or 8 hours. 10 hours with mom and littermates in the crate. Not a creature was stirring..

Watch out wnen the crate door swings open first thing in the morning. Standby the mop!

Uncle Foster
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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