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Reduced fat Innova?

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to post a quick question before I head off to the feed store. I currently feed my dogs (shihtzu and scottish terrier) Innova small bites, just the regular kind, not EVO. They have been on it for about 8 months and have done well EXCEPT for weight gain. I have tried reducing the amount all the way to 1/4 - 1/3 cup twice a day, they walk around acting SO hungry and even my vet suggested that that is too small of an amount, that they may be getting too much nutrition (weight gain) but are not getting enough substance to make them feel full.

To get to my point, haha, I am considering going and buying the reduced fat Innova to try, and wanted to hear any opinions ya'll had on this food?
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I'm not generally a fan of reduced-whatever pet foods (generally lots of high-priced fillers), but in your case it might be a good idea. Since you WANT fillers, LOL. And Innova is a good brand, no matter what formula you use---if I were going to use a low-fat food, Innova looks the best. I guess their filler of choice is pea fiber, and that's not bad. You could also give your dogs some green beans to help fill them up (frozen have less sodium than canned).
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