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Red eye

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My JRT jumped up on a friend earlier today and hit her eye on the tip of there ciggeratte. Well she yelped and I cleaned her eye really good and it seemed ok, well a few hours have passed and all seemed well. I wiped down her eye again and there was no redness only a llittle bit of watering. Since she has been stairing out the window and I noticed her rubbing it alot with her paw so I looked at it and it is puffy and red. Of course my vet is closed by now and I am wishing I would have called earlier when it first happen because now my only choice is the ER vet and I am not sure this merets a trip there. Is there anything I can do until I can get her into the vet tomorrow or should I take her to the ER ? She seems fine otherwise, playing, eating and what not. Would plain saline drops be ok for her to clean it?
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My vet used saline drops for contact lenses in my Yorkie's eyes when she had an eye injury to clean out the solution he put in her eye when he was trying to determine what kind of injury it was (injury or infection related). You should be able to call an emergency vet and get an answer. An emergency vet that I usually call is at (281) 340-8387 (Animal Emergency Clinic here in Houston/Sugar Land area, you can search on the web to check this number). They don't even ask me to see I any of my dogs were a patient and typically give me advice on what to do until the my regular vet's office opens. They even advise me to wait to see MY vet based on the current situation I'm describing to them and tell me what to do in the meantime, but to come in if I feel the situation is getting worse or if I feel uncomfortable waiting that long.
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