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Recommendations for Pom switching to adult food

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I just asked at the vet's office today when we can switch our Pom to adult food. She will be seven months this week. They said we can start switching any time. Our other dog is on special dog food so so much for using the same stuff.

I am curious though. Is puppy food more fattening? Being a Pom we have to be careful she doesn't gain too much weight. She is ten pounds on our scale but is a taller Pom. The vet originally said she would be around this weight so I am hoping she is finished growing.

Any recommendations. The only one they told me not to get is something like Roy. The receptionist likes Science Diet but I am open to suggestions now.
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CorgiKarma has listed some great food choices. Right now I'm feeding my Boston EVO and home cooked food.
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